Join the QS Benchmark

Simple, fast and true branding force, the QS Benchmark membership and the fusion of your shipment flows guarantees the objectivity and completeness of the statistics. You will also benefit from a powerful internal reporting tool.

Join a prestigious international program.

This unique benchmarking tool analyzes several million parcels sent by the biggest names in the e-commerce universe on a monthly basis throughout Europe.

Develop a universal repository.

The QS Benchmark, by its criteria and the multiplicity of its data, is the most objective and exhaustive reference for the measurement of delivery performance.

Obtain a powerful Business Intelligence tool.

By joining the QS Benchmark, your teams will have access to our business intelligence and reporting tool, iThoth: the analytics dedicated to logistics flows.

Joining the QS Benchmark will allow you to use a powerful Business Intelligence tool !

With your membership, we offer you iThoth® and Business Intelligence power. You will be able to analyze et optimise your logistic with various KPI.

Order preparation time

  • Click to ship time
  • Preparation time
  • Payment registration time
  • Depot processing time
  • Order processing time

Delivery time

  • Click to deliver time
  • Click to possession time
  • 1st delivery attempt time
  • Handover time

Quality and performance reports

    • Delivery promise commitment
  • Overdue or lost shipments
  • Late shipments
  • Missing shipments (not scanned)
  • Shipments with address errors
  • Carrier Service Quality rate

Customer satisfaction

  • Customer experience evaluation: delivery speed, packaging, general satisfaction, etc.
  • Delivery issue raised by the customer: non-receipt, damage, theft, parcel refused or returned
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Tracking page and notification views

Reports per delivery event

  • Volume of shipments completed
  • Shipments delivered on first attempt
  • Shipments delivered after second attempt
  • Shipments left at collection point
  • Shipments with return
  • Cancelled shipments

Time taken to integrate shipments into carrier network

  • Comparison between sender declaration date and carrier scan date
  • Analysis by parcel, shipping order, etc.

Complaints statistics

  • Volume of open complaints per incident type: lost, late, damage, billing error, compensation dispute
  • Rate of complaints per incident type

Analysis of shipment costs

  • Distribution of billed shipments by type of carrier product
  • Analysis of average weight measured by the carrier
  • Analysis of gross shipping costs and net billed shipping costs
  • Analysis of handover rate
  • Analysis of reimbursements received for billed shipping costsRépartition des expéditions facturées, par type de produit transporteur
  • Analyse des poids moyens pesés par le transporteur
  • Analyse des ports bruts et nets facturés
  • Analyse des taux de remise
  • Analyse des remboursements obtenus sur les frais de ports facturés

Analysis of customer billing

  • Average shipping cost
  • Average basket
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The 3 steps joining the Transporter QS Benchmark.

  • 1


    A preliminary study is carried out on the flows to ensure that the eligibility criteria are met. This check ensures the representativeness of the QS Benchmark.

    The two main eligibility criteria:
    - Have a large monthly volume of shipments.
    - Being an E-Merchant, Logistician (3PL) or Carrier

  • 2

    Set up

    Specifications are provided by ITinSell in order to retrieve and analyze daily the data flows necessary for the development of the QS Benchmark.

    At the same time, the registration is contractually recorded to guarantee the strict confidentiality of the data transmitted.

  • 3


    The analysis produced are integrated into the monthly publications of the QS Benchmark.

    The member has private access to iThoth® on their shipment flows.

    If the member has integrated the Synergy, he has not only enriched statistics but globalized reports on all QS Benchmark carriers.